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Model Builder Error Collect Values to Mosaic to New Raster

Question asked by on Apr 9, 2015
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I'm working on a model to iterate through a series of rasters, perform a couple operations to each raster, collect the values, and then mosaic them together into a new raster. My submodel includes Iterate Rasters>Make Raster Layer>Copy Raster>Collect Values, and then my main model has the Mosaic to New Raster. When I try to connect the output from my submodel to Mosaic to New Raster, I get the error that the number of bands from the input raster must match the number in the output, and I cannot run the model. My original data has 4 bands, but during the submodel I reduce the number to 1, and then my output also has 1. Has anyone else run into this problem in model builder? Any ideas how to get around it?