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Barriers for cross country routing

Question asked by lyap8408 on Apr 8, 2015
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I had created a cost-surface raster, and am intending to use Path distance to resolve the least cost path.

I would like to add barriers as a factor in considering the routing problem. Barriers will be combined into the cost-surface raster, represented as null values.


This program will be accessed by ArcGIS Runtime .NET API, where setting barriers will mimic something alike RouteParameters.SetPolygonBarrier(IEnumerable<Graphics>).


I am having a problem:

- defining barriers in ArcMap, so that they will be represented as Null values in the cost surface. I had tried something below, but after quite a bit of effort it seems not to be the best way.


Please advice on any other workarounds, or missing key things in my following half-a-solution. Thanks!


Tried method:

1) Converting barrier features as raster (Feature to Raster). Value of barriers features in the raster is represented as 0

2) Using Cell Statistic to select Minimal value from Barrier raster and Cost-Surface.

3) Finally using Set Null tool to set values = 0 as Null (NoData).

Lol, however, despite all these steps, the output raster is too small and is not the original extent of the cost-surface and is insufficient to for Path Distance tool. Ie: extent of the output raster only encompasses the extent of the barrier features.