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Local Coordinate Systems

Question asked by fultzjason on Apr 8, 2015
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Hi All,

I am working on a project that is in a local coordinate system (mine grid) and I am interested in learning about best practices on moving data between (to and from) mine grid and real world coordinates (NAD27 State Plane New Mexico West).  The mine grid is only a slight shift from NAD27 State Plane New Mexico West.  There is no change in scale or rotation, only shift.


I have an AutoCAD file setup that shows a set of points in NAD27 State Plane New Mexico West and the same points in mine grid.  This file has been used to move AutoCAD data between the two coordinate systems.  Is this the best approach for transforming .DWG files?


Also, what is the best approach to incorporate shapefiles that are in either NAD83 or NAD27 State Plane coordinate systems?  Is the best plan of action to set up a mine grid .PRJ file?


Curious to see how others have approached working in local coordinate systems.


Many Thanks,