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Problem with Collector not syncing

Question asked by dmwake2 on Apr 7, 2015
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We have an issue with the Collector periodically not being able to download for offline or sync edits. Sometimes it works greats, but other times we have very frustrating problems.


For a little background, we are using the Collector to update records on a hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online. When I go to the Feature Layer details on AGOL, it says the size is 1 KB. The Service Definition is 3 MB, and the Web Map is 10 KB. The size of the hosted feature layer appears to be incorrect, the data should be larger than 1KB. As a test, I downloaded the data to my phone, and it created a folder in storage/ArcGIS_Collector/offline_data that is about 54 megabytes. I'm using a basemap already on the device, so that was not included. It took about 10 minutes to download the files. Is 10 minutes a reasonable download time for 54 megs?


Our problem is with the intermittent sync issues we're having. We copied a new basemap (tpk) onto the device yesterday, then made changes to attributes on 5 different lines (all part of the same feature). The guy testing the Collector app hit "Sync" before he left the office yesterday evening at 5 PM. When he came in this morning, the progress bar had reached (what looks like) 100%, but it did not complete. He thought it might be an issue with the office wifi, so he cancelled the sync and then took the device into the field with him. He hit sync in the field when it was on a cell connection, and it is continuing to not sync.


The device is a Nexus 6. The packaged features seem to only be 54 megs, and there were only 5 records that were updated, so it seems like it would be a quick sync. He's the only one who made changes before he hit sync, so I would have expected it to complete pretty quick. This isn't the first time we've had these kinds of problems. We've had it take hours to download the data for offline use the first time, and over 30 minutes to do a sync. Since we're using hosted feature layers, is there any kind of debugging information we can get out of the Collector?