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mosaic raster with transparency

Question asked by dmetzler on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by burwelbo

Greetings all.

its been some time since I have done some mosaicing in ArcMap and I am finding some difficulty. I have 6 rasters that I would like to merge into one file so I can serve them out as one map using geoserver. They are currently geotiffs or png's. The maps are at angles relative to one another so I am running into issues with null values.

at places where the images overlap I cannot get a good result. either its white, black, or the wrong values. since the inputs are png there is  an alpha of 0 or 255. can someone help me merge them together?


attached is what I am getting and what I would like.



this is the result



this is what I would like

what I want.png