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Customize address locator to penalize missing zone?

Question asked by ToddZ431 on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by jmward

I'm working on an ArcGIS 10.2.2 custom locator to replicate an old ArcGIS 9.2 custom locator. The reference data is road centerlines with dual ranges and city name used as the zone. There are no state or zip fields and I have already customized the locator to not use those. The last customization I need to make is to have it penalize the score when the input address does not contain a zone.


The example is that we have several addresses that are duplicated in multiple cities such as:

123 W Main St, Ephrata

123 W Main St, Leola

123 W Main St, New Holland


If the input address is "123 W Main St" with no city, the locator (both my custom locator and the out-of-the-box US Dual Range locator) returns the three addresses above with a score of 100. I need to change the locator so that the three possible matches are returned with score of less than 100 so that there is no automatic match in the software that we use the locator in. I only want a 100 score if everything, including the city matches. Any ideas of what to change in the locator to achieve this?