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brainstorming..... is this possible with GIS?

Question asked by pdaughe1 on Apr 6, 2015
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I am working on my thesis for sustainable design.


I have been able to do some analysis on here but I am not an expert.  For example, by overlaying the census data I have been able to find the total population within a mile.  So, for different categories, I have been able to physically go in here and find the data I need at a given location.


From here I take those numbers and put them in a formula that begins the ranks the feasibility at a given location.


So, manually I have been able to do this by looking up a number... opening excel... and inputting the data.


My goal, is to make this automated.... not now but in the future.  I would like a user to be able to go online and choose a location.  WIthin the website I would like it to generate a recommendation and visually use the maps to justify the reason.  Is this possible to get to this point?


For example... the idea is that a use would be looking for what potential uses would make the community more resilient at a given location.  Going into the website the user would give an address.   The website may generate and say "an emergency shelter" because it has prioritized that use over other uses.  When you click why... it may say the reason is because density (shown by this map around your location) and proximity to high capacity roads (shown by this map).

I can get this to work as a lookup and data entry system but in the long run I want this to be automated..... thoughts?


(NOTE: I don't need help doing this at this time.... It is beyond my expertise... I am just throwing the question out there.... thanks!)