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Adding New Roads and Creating Updated Service Areas

Question asked by aaron@berkconsulting on Apr 3, 2015
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Here’s a brief synopsis of what I am running into with Network Analyst- the goal is to create service areas for fire stations based on travel times.


  • I have a baseline county wide roads shapefile that I have used as input to successfully create a network dataset and create subsequent service areas based on travel times. 
  • Next, I add new roads (i.e. digitize by hand) to the baseline roads dataset for a part of the county where a new housing development is going in.  I am then able to create/build a network dataset without any hitches.  However, when I try to create a new service area using the updated network dataset created with the updated roads shapefile, the new roads that I have added are not included/taken into account in the service area polygons that are generated. 
  • In short, my goal is to be able to add new roads to an existing roads shapefile and have those roads included when network analyst solves for my service area query.
  • PS- I have run the Integrate tool on the shapefile with the new roads and I still receive the same results - the new roads are not incorporated in the service area polygons that are produced.


Any help that anyone can provide to help solve this problem would be greatly appreciated .