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Trouble overwriting an existing service

Question asked by meewasinvalley on Apr 2, 2015



I have been using ArcGIS Online to publish a dynamic map for public use. In the past I have used the function "overwrite an existing service" but it seems that this is not working for me anymore.


I kept receiving a Warning message:


I was working in 10.2.1 previously. I updated my software to 10.3 today as I had read from other discussions that this problem with overwriting services was resolved in 10.3. Upgrading the software did not solve this problem for me.


Upon accepting this warning message and choosing "yes" nothing happens. I have previously publishing successfully  from ArcGIS for Desktop (10.2.1) but was not having success today in either version (10.2.1 or 10.3).


Can anyone provide a suggestion as to how I can overwrite my existing service so that I can update my ArcGIS Online map?


As a side note, I can successfully publish a NEW web map service. I do not want to create a new service as the previous one is linked on our website and already contains many settings that I would like to retain.


Thank you in advance for your help.