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Where can I find and download rules made by other users? (train track)

Question asked by ErwinVervacke on Apr 2, 2015
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Being new to CE the rule definition is kind of hard so I want to check out some other rules and understand how/why they work.

Especially since I'm using the Trial to define an approach to model the entire country (Belgium) for use in a serious game :-)  Our Belgian houses, streets etc are so much different than what is generated using the rules in the examples ... I didn't even recognize some areas where I used to live :-)

Anyhow, I'm also looking for a train track rule and the CE Facebook page had an entry in 2011 referring to a rule to download (CityEngine - CityEngine rail rule comes to life! Check out... | Facebook )  but the link brings me to the product landing page ...

Does anyone have Luigi Marini's rule?


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