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Credits, Departments and Roll-Over, Oh my...

Question asked by bokeefe on Apr 1, 2015
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So I work for a municipal government. We have begun the adoption of ESRI products over the last several years. We have our Police department on board, some of the smaller departments, and we have plans to eventually get everyone on the same page. But we are starting to run into a problem and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a fix or a solution that maybe I'm just unaware of.


Our Police department has purchased the bulk of our credits, but our Planning Department has moved in Community Analyst and looking at thousands of credits a year on reporting. We have our Streets and Stormwater people investigating options that would also cost credits, and Fire and... (btw I see what you did there, ESRI... nice little GIS economy development) The point being that I can foresee a moment when Police go to consume credits, and technically they should have them available, but our Planning Department has accidentally consumed into the Police credits and now there is not enough.


I'm wondering (hoping) that there is some method for divvying up credits and making sure that Group A doesn't consume Group B's credits.


Please tell me there is such a mechanism in place or at least lie to me...