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Identity Manager Credentials from Prior Session Web App Builder

Question asked by mc989538 on Apr 1, 2015



I have been working on a widget in web app builder to allow this functionality: Identity Manager with info persisted client side | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


However, I cannot seem to initialize the identity manager with the stored credentials. I am attempting to get/store the credentials using a custom widget which is initialized prior to loading any layers (at which point the server would popup the login window). However I am getting undefined errors in the console. I have tried to remove as much of the manager object as I could to try and narrow down if one particular property was in error but as far as I can tell, there are multiple things wrong.


I can post some more code but first I would like to know if my approach is sound with the custom widget and the startup method.


Also, is there any documentation for the identity manager which I could access to tell me which properties are needed for identity manager and their types?