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ERROR 999999: Error executing function - Failed to execute (CopyRaster)

Question asked by rmanasra on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by blaurancinesrifrance-fr-esridist

ERROR 999999: Error executing function

Unexpected operation

No spatial reference exists


This is a fragment from my log report


<Error>ERROR 999999: Error executing function.</Error>

<Error>Database user name and current user schema do not match. [workspace.admin.StreetLightOutages]</Error>

<Error>No spatial reference exists.</Error>

<Error>DBMS table not found</Error>

<Error>Failed to execute (CopyRaster).</Error>



I can't import a raster to sde schema using another user (not sde user).

The used user has all privileges (admin privileges) but an error occurred while import  raster dataset to postgresql database using ArcGIS for desktop.

While importing the same raster dataset to the same database using sde user, the operation performed successfully.

Can you help me please whats is wrong in my actions?