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Having issues with a network drive connection

Question asked by angelica.jusino on Mar 31, 2015

Hello community,

    I just got a new computer and upgraded from Win7 Home to Win8.1 Pro. On the old computer, I had OneDrive for Desktop on my laptop and had a folder connection in ArcGIS and could work through it easy-peasy. Everything loaded and saved as it should.


Now that I'm on 8.1, the folder connection won't work. It used to be that nothing worked, but now it is just specific map files. For example, when I load in a premade *.mxd file, I see this:




When I try to redefine the source, the drawing fails. I can add individual shape, point, vector, raster data... except these prebuilt map files are failing. The OneDrive network folder I'm connected to is "available offline" so I don't know what to do.


I have it saved locally, but I'd rather not connect that way, as that's my backup incase I overwrite anything one accident. I also work out of these documents at home & at school so the cloud is very convenient.


Anyway, I don't think I'm doing anything different than when I was on Win7, but now it's giving me troubles.


PS - this is my folder connection location path, if it helps:

C:\Users\Angelica\OneDrive\Documents\=Spring 2015\GIS