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Unable to Load Geoprocessing Output to Web Map

Question asked by BGrod on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by BGrod

Anyone have trouble adding the output from an ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Service to an ArcGIS Online Web Map? I published the buffer tool as a Geoprocessing Service on our local ArcGIS Server (10.2). I can run the geoprocessing service in ArcMap locally and the output is added to the map. I added the Geoprocessing Service to My Content in ArcGIS Online, opened a Web App in Edit mode (Web App Builder), added a new Geoprocessing widget and directed the widget to the buffer geoprocessing service. I configured the input/output and it looks fine but I receive the below error message when I run the tool. Any help is appreciated.


Error Message: Unable to load status: 400


Geoprocessing Output Error.png