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Cant see Collector Attachments of related table from ArcGISOnlie

Question asked by mohammed.mogahedesrisaudiarabia-esridist Employee on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by mohammed.mogahedesrisaudiarabia-esridist

Hi Guys,


Can anyone help me, I am trying to use collector for arcgis to collect some field data, I need to have a photo attached to a related table not to the main feature.


The collector do the job, post the pictures, but I cannot see it in my ArcGISOnline web map.

I exported the FGDB from AGOL and opened it in ArcMap, I can see the attachments.


so why not in the web map, why not to add a link to the attachment in the related table of the feature displayed in the webmap.




Mohammed Megahed