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ArcGIS Online Edits Not Saving

Question asked by chris.blinn on Apr 1, 2015
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Hi All,


I recently created a web map using multiple feature services.  The feature services were published with Update and Query feature access operations.  After adding them to the map, I configured their attributes, and enabled editing.  Everything appears to work - I click on the feature I want to update, change the attribute, and move on.  However, once I save the map, the edits I made are reverted.  I know this because the symbology of the feature layer uses the field I am editing.  So I can see the edit being made and also reverting back to it's original value.


Here are some screenshots of the issue I am seeing:


I want to edit the valve's open attribute:


I click the valve and click edit:


I change the Currently Open attribute, notice the symbology change:


Edit appears to be made:


I save the map:


After the save is complete, I pan the map (causing a refresh of the data), and the edit is gone:


Any idea what is going on?



Chris B.