IGeocodingProperties AddStandardizeStringToMatchFields System.NotImplementedException

Discussion created by lftgly on Oct 5, 2010
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I'm updating code to create Locators in ArcGIS 10, which works fine in ArcGIS 9.3.1 with the "US Streets with Zone" Locator Style.

Using the new "US Address - Dual Ranges" Locator Style, when I set the IGeocodingProperties
all work fine, consistent with Arc9, except when I set
.AddStandardizeStringToMatchFields to True, I get a runtime error:  System.NotImplementedException, "The method or operation is not implemented."

Developer Help does not indicate any changes in AddStandardizeStringToMatchFields

System.NotImplementedException was caught
  Message=The method or operation is not implemented.
       at ESRI.ArcGIS.Location.IGeocodingProperties.set_AddStandardizeStringToMatchFields(Boolean bAddStandardizeStringToMatchFields)
       at ArcObjectsTools.GeocodingTools.CreateLocator_xTrakkerRoads(IWorkspace LocatorWorkspace, IFeatureClass ReferenceFeatureClass, String LocatorStyle, String LocatorName, GeocodeRangeType GCType, Boolean RebuildIfExists) in C:\src_tfs\Common\V32\Source\ArcObjectsTools\GeocodingTools.vb:line 230
  InnerException: (Nothing)
HResult -2147467263 Integer

The iReferenceDataTables.HasEnoughInfo = True
Any suggestions?