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Find Total Area of Cells With Data

Question asked by helyxsisltd on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by erice-esristaff

Is there a simple way to find the total area of a raster EXCLUDING NoData cells?


I can load my raster into a Mosaic Dataset, run the Build Footprints tool, and get a footprint that cuts out NoData around the margins, but this will not handle any NoData areas that are within a data-filled area.


Counting cells is no good if the raster covers a large latitudinal range (as cells are likely to have different areas across latitudes).


So I guess that leaves either Spatial Analyst or a mixture of RasterToNumPyArray / NumPyArrayToRaster (converting all cells with values to a single value), followed by the Raster To Polygon tool.


Somehow it seems like I'm missing something though - as the task "feels" like it should have a simpler solution!


Any ideas?