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Replication: Partial Synchronization to Parent - Possible without customization?

Question asked by Dupes9999 on Mar 31, 2015

Hi All,


I have a scenario where I would like to setup a 2 way replica. I would like the replica to be able to receive all updates from the parent when pushed down - but I only want features in the child that meet a certain attribute criteria (i.e. any features/objects that have an attribute value of 'Ready') to be pushed back up to the parent. I do not want edits in the child replica to be flagged as to be pushed back up until such conditions are met.


I've been looking into the Replication/Synchronization documentation, and while it does talk about filters, it only appears to discuss them in terms of creating the initial extract and the spatial/definition queries that are used in the creation - and how edits in the replica would need to fall in line with those queries. There is nothing mentioned about setting up separate filters from the child to the parent, which makes me think that it is not possible - but I thought I would ask the question anyways. If this isn't possible out of the box, I will need to create a process that identifies the material in the proper status and transfers it back to the parent in another way.


Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.