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Multiple conflicting accounts...HELP!

Question asked by nart.tamash on Mar 31, 2015
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Throughout the years I ended up having 3 Esri accounts, for various reasons. Ever since the introduction of the Esri global account and more recently, since the introduction of GeoNet and MyEsri, which are all linked to the same account, this duplication has become problematic for obvious reasons. It also has become very easy to disconnect accounts from organisations and connect to new ones in case you change jobs, so it makes sense to have everything centralised under one account.


I am having difficulties getting things sorted through official channels (local Esri distributor support) so I am hoping someone can assist here.


So my accounts...


1. nart - oldest one, linked to personal email address, needs to be deleted and/or remove email association


2. nart.tamash - have some training records on it, currently used for work, currently linked to my organisation in AGOL (admin) and MyEsri (licenses, downloads, etc), is the one I will use going forward, currently linked to another personal email address (need to link it to my work email)


3. nart.crossrail - previously used for work (AGOL administration, MyEsri, etc.), linked to work email address, needs to be deleted and/or remove email association


I need 1 and 3 to go away (deleted completely if possible), and keep 2 going forward. Ideally I wanted posts under 1 and 3 to be transferred to 2 however I was told it is not possible. I need to use my work email with no.2 and this is what is causing me problems at the moment.


Although associated email addresses have been removed from 1 and 3 (or replaced with dummy ones) I can still not use account 2 with any of these email addresses (and I really need to, especially my work email). I keep getting the error attached when I try to log into GeoNet. The only way I managed to make it work is to associate a third email address with account no 2 (the one I am currently using). Somehow, somewhere there are still remnants of these emails associated with the other accounts.


I have removed no 3 from AGOL, disabled Esri access, removed from MyEsri org, etc. No.1 was never linked to an organisation. If 1 and 3 can't be deleted and will only be disabled, can you also please remove them from any search results in GeoNet, insert dummy name, address, etc...I've seen this is possible with other similar requests.


Thanks in advance