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Bugs in the directions widget

Question asked by jeff.pace on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by sernst

Wanted to save some people time troubleshooting.  We recently have had two bugs logged for the directions widget


1. Reverse geocode not populating address back into widget even though it successfully completes when using local geocoder (works using AGO).


Defect ID: BUG-000084635

Synopsis: When using an ArcGIS Server geocode and route service, Directions widget displays coordinates instead of street addresses when either the destination stop or origin is dragged to a new location to recalculate the route or if new stops are added by clicking on the map.


Unfortunately, there is no workaround at this time.


2. Directions widget does not deactivate using mapClickActive=false even though deactivate() is deprecated


BUG-000086450 : directions widget does not deactivate even after directions.mapClickActive=false in ArcGIS API version 3.13


Workaround: Use directions.deactivate()