Identify/Query with results in Accordion Content Pane

Discussion created by kwilli74 on Oct 5, 2010
Please help.... I am a complete novice with any type of programming. I have my base map (with Bing map tiled layer), my accordion content pane with appropriate headings. I have multiple dynamic map service layers that I have set the opacity to 0.1. My issue now is that I need to display various information "onclick" to the accordion content pane layers. More importantly, I need to display (in the content pane) the distance from the point clicked to my dynamic layers. For example, if I click a spot on the map, and my dynamic layers are population and fault lines, I need to be able to display if there is a population greater than X within 1 mile, as well as how far the nearest fault line would be. I have found various examples but nothing recent enough or simple enough for a complete novice. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.