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Status symbology crash and workaround

Question asked by caleband on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by caleband

I've been struggling with the best way to symbolize both the type and status of an asset in Collector. I'm working with several types of waste water flow monitors that are either operational or in need of maintenance. We're trying to work it so the field crew, in part, get's their task list by looking at the web map to identify monitors in need of maintenance and planning their route and schedule accordingly. All maintenance needs and maintenance performed are stored in related and nested tables.


Attempt #1 (Fail)

  • Created two fields for the monitors feature class (type and status)
  • Made a copy of the feature class in the table of contents using ArcMap and symbolized each copy by either type or status (skull and crossbones at the request of the monitor repair techs)
  • Upload (share) as ArcGIS service, add to web map, use with collector, etc.


The problem here is that "adding data" to related tables either crashes collector (Android) or just wouldn't show up (iOS).


Attempt #2 (Mostly Success)

  • Upload the data without a duplicated copy of the feature class (just the monitors)
  • Create a copy using ArcGIS Online and change the symbology


This works great other than I'm limited on the symbology (Web Map vs. ArcMap); pretty trivial but the techs won't get their skull and crossbones.


How are other people symbolizing type and status. Is there a better way?