Image Service is blank

Discussion created by tubakumbara on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by pbecker-esristaff
I read all the forums but I couldn't find any solutions to my problem.
I have several .img raster files .I created an image service with these files. Imagine that none of the rasters share the same points I mean they are not adjacent to eachother. So when i create the service it is ok. it is shown in ArcMap..But when I added to Image Server using Image Server Manager and i loaded the service in ArcMap , sometimes at first time it is shown but while zooming it disappears, and sometimes it is loaded but blank. I created the service several times but no help.
And I also want to say that my data are all stored on the Image Server machine so no need to do security settings.
I think there is something else but what?
Do you have any idea?