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How Do You? : Attribute Data Update for Web Maps

Question asked by bokeefe on Mar 27, 2015

I have several webmaps for various departments here at the city where I work. We have the parksfinder app, a watershed app, a city council finder, and more. What I'm finding is that my workload almost doubles because I set these maps up.


The departments that manage this data need me to provide updates, and correct errors, and more on a regular basis.


For the ParksFinder I built a custom Parks Editor map in the WAB. Locked it down. Now the Parks department can open a webmap, click on a park, click edit, and fix the data. This is great except I had to use one of our ESRI AGOL licenses so the Parks group could update ONE map. That isn't going to work moving forward.


Another of our maps is in need of regular updates now. I'm trying to minimize MY time involved in order to speed up the process. I mentioned to our DBA what I was working on and he thinks he can whip up a DB View table that an Excel sheet can connect to. This way I can just send the Excel sheet to the right person and they can instantly update the Attributes for certain feature classes on this map.


I'm trying to find out if anyone has a better method? If you have map data that needs modification, but you don't have the GIS personnel or licenses to hand out as needed, what do YOU DO to update minor (meaning non-spatial) aspects of your data?