Change values in table to no data

Discussion created by crismadlop on Oct 1, 2010
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I am quite new in ArcGIS. I am trying to do an interpolation of precipitation from a point shape that I have created using an XY table.

My problem is that I had to change the no data values in the original table to -9999 so when I created the point shape the program wouldn't transform it in 0.

Now I need to tell arcGIS that those points are no data, so it can do the interpolation properly.

I could solve the problem in two ways:

1. By changing the -9999 values in the attribute table into "no data". For this I have tried SETNULL but a raster is required.

2. By telling arcGIS that it should not use -9999 when I do the kriging.

Any ideas?


Thank you very much.