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Heatmap Problems

Question asked by SantoP on Mar 27, 2015
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I'm having some issues with the new Heatmaps:


The provided sample does not work in chrome:

FeatureLayer using Weighted HeatmapRenderer

Try panning, zooming, the heatmap will shortly move with the map, but when it upates, it just flips back to the initial state.


Width/height won't be  set

In my own code, I'm adding a Featurelayer using a featurecollection object instead of a REST url. but for some reason, the width and height of the layer will not be set, so it stays invisible with a 0/0 size.


Other issues

In my own code I avoided the above by setting width/height to 100%, but even in Firefox when I zoom in or pan, the heatmap either disappears or does not update.


The code I use to add the layer looks like this: Perl Nopaste