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Search: "Pagination is not supported."

Question asked by btfou on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by a.hirschi-wyssesri-rw-esridist

Trying to get the new Search running against a feature layer. enableSuggestions and enableSuggestionsMenu are false. Don't see anything else in docs which warns of 10.3/supportsPagination = true.


Any help appreciated.


sources: [{
  featureLayer: new FeatureLayer('.../Parcels/FeatureServer/0', {
  outFields: ['*']
  searchFields: ['ADDRESS', 'PARCEL_ID', 'OWNER'],
  displayField: 'ADDRESS',
  exactMatch: false,
  outFields: ['*'],
  name: 'Parcels',
  placeholder: 'Search parcels',
  enableSuggestions: false,
  enableSuggestionsMenu: false,
  minCharacters: 3