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200 unique value limit for symbology in ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by Rizbee on Mar 26, 2015
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I am working with a student who would like to create a map using ArcGIS Online that shows the number of members of an organization in the various countries of the world.  My plan was to give the student a zipped shapefile of the World Countries Generalized map layer, with extra fields added for them to enter their data.


I made the shapefile, zipped it and uploaded it to a map on ArcGIS Online to test it out.  When I loaded the shapefile and was prompted to Change Style, I tried to use Types (Unique Symbols) to assign different random colors to the countries.  About ten countries were assigned colors and the rest were put in the Other category.  I have worked with this in the past and scrolled down to Other to click on the double arrow in order to "Move values out".  Unfortunately, once it hit 200 countries in the symbology list it stopped.  There is a message that says: "There are more than 200 unique values.  Values not listed here will still display on the map in this category".  I guess this means that I have to decide which countries are going to be shaded grey as "Other"?  Or is there a work-around to this?




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