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How to change the EXTENT info of a raster file in ArcMap

Question asked by Le_Qiao on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by GKishor



I have ever got a remote sensing image from the web, and the projection info, geographic extent of the image was infomed by the website.


While, when I add this image to ArcMap, the extent info of the image was incorrect. The top-bottom extent was right, but the west-east extent was negative (It shoule be positive in my case).


The extent info is:

Top: 181932.421394

Left: -1364517.22021

Right: -1273549.15876

Bottom: 90964.3599472


So, I am wondering how to change the extent info of my image file?


I have ever tried in the "Layer Properties" windows, ->Extent->Set Set the extent to: a custom extent entered below.

But after I make changes, and press “OK”. When I reopen the properties of the raster file, the extent info is still the original, thus wrong.


Can any has some idea how to handle my case?