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Login portal for multiple products

Question asked by ValorWaterAnalytics on Mar 26, 2015

Hi everyone!
I am trying to make a website that integrates Tableau and ArcGIS Online side by side.
The hardest part of this has been thinking of ways to make a single login portal (in javascript or similar) that would log into both Tableau and ArcGIS Online. The idea would be that a log in to our portal would have stored the log in information for the other sites and authenticate with them, without having the customer have to log into our portal, and then log into ArcGIS Online once they get through our portal and are looking at the maps.
It's pretty easy to do this with Tableau but doing it with ArcGIS Online seems way more challenging.

So, I was wondering if anyone else has experience with developing a portal that sits in front of ArcGIS Online and authenticates the users' account for them. Any insights for how best to do this would be greatly appreciated!! We want to still preserve the individual users' log on, because different users will have different permissions.