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How to change output directory?

Question asked by alex1fly on Mar 26, 2015
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So I've got this great, simple loop running thanks to a member here. I set the workspace, pass in the array of files to be processed, run my tool, and append a descriptor to the filename. However this is all done in the same workspace. Is there a way to change the output directory to a different location while keeping my input workspace? The script is below.





import arcpy

from arcpy import env


#where we're working

env.workspace = r"D:\Broomfield.Lidar\HARN_Vertices.gdb"


#array of files to be processed

fc = ['D:\\Broomfield.Lidar\\HARN_Vertices.gdb\\VertexN2W187North', 'D:\\Broomfield.Lidar\\HARN_Vertices.gdb\\VertexN2W188', 'D:\\Broomfield.Lidar\\HARN_Vertices.gdb\\VertexN3E180', 'D:\\Broomfield.Lidar\\HARN_Vertices.gdb\\VertexN3E190', 'D:\\Broomfield.Lidar\\HARN_Vertices.gdb\\VertexN3E191']



vertices = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()

print vertices

for fc in vertices:

    arcpy.MinimumBoundingGeometry_management(fc, fc + "_Poly", "RECTANGLE_BY_AREA", "ALL", "", "NO_MBG_FIELDS")