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ESRI intergration with Documentum D2 - is it possible?

Question asked by sdupd on Mar 26, 2015

Has anyone out in the ESRI world had success in the integration of Documentum D2 with Flex applications or any web application?  The Port of San Diego moved from using Hummingbird DM5 as our primary document storage system to D2.


When we were using DM5 the document database, one could pass an HTML query to retrieve specific documents i.e.,




the user could execute this search using a icon that, by depending on what object was selected,  would open the DM5 user interface with the specific item queried in the DM5 search results window.


I've been looking for ways to accomplish this type of search, retrieval and display using Documentum D2 but to no avail.


Is there a known way to write a specific query, in any language, that might accomplish opening the D2 search results window with specific request results using the same methodology as we used with DM5?