Map Working Intermittently

Discussion created by gavin443 on Sep 30, 2010
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Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and could offer any advice on the issue below.

A map I have produced has now been released on a public facing website and I am now getting a fair few complaints that the map will sometimes just not load anything. The map currently sits on a web page which has an IFRAME on it which then points to my Map, this in turn points to the mapping service to pull the data from.

Both from my work computer and home I can get the map to load without any issues. However as mentioned some public users often have difficulites. A situation has also arisen where a user in our office has loaded the Map up without any isssues yet the map has failed to load for a colleague at the same point in time who had been at home.

To rule out a problem with my code I have downloaded a simple example from the esri site and pointed to the service and have found the problem can still occur.

Could this be a browser issue or network related I'm really out of ideas and any help would be very much appreciated.