geometryservice measurement problim

Discussion created by anwar1 on Sep 29, 2010
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am working on a site using the new JSAPI v2.1 , iam traying to give the user the a measurement tool
am using the geometryService "esri's online free one" , the service am publishing is a  WGS webmecrator projected
when i perform a meature i dont get accurate measure , instid , it returns a tinny number which is soo oppvious to be wrong ,,, but when i use another service that is  palestine grid 1923 , it returns acurate measurement data however am still using the same code  but changed the service and the spatial reference
  is this issue related to the coordinate systems ??
  what is the solution i can use to get over this problim ??

note : i faced the same problim since JSAPI v1.4
please its urgent

thanx in advance