Batch Terrain Preprocessing in ArcHydro 2.0

Discussion created by unhgeochemist on Sep 28, 2010
Hi everyone,

I'm using ArcGIS 10 and I've installed ArcHydro 2.0 for it. I'm reading through some tutorials assoiciated with the NHDplus and it calls for me to add the "Batch Terrain Preprocessing Toolbar" to my GUI and to use it. Unfortunately, I cannot find that toobar anywhere.

I've been reading around and it sounds like the "Batch Terrain Preprocessing" toolbar, available in ArcHydro 1.x for ArcGIS 9.x, ran a series of Terrain Preprocessing functions that ARE available in ArcHydro 2.0.

My question is this: am I right about what "Batch Terrain Preprocessing" was in ArcHydro 1.x, and is there some kind of substitute in ArcHydro 2.0 that will simulate "Batch Terrain Preprocessing" for Catchment Processing Only.


(ps, please feel free to email me: kwz22@unh.edu)