Delete Annotation Class and Annotation Symbol Collection using Geoprocessing Script

Discussion created by jhegg on Sep 28, 2010
I would like to know if there is a way to remove individual Annotation Classes and Annotation Symbol Collections from a feature class using Python 2.6 (arcPy) in ArcGIS 10?

Here is the situation: I have 31 ArcInfo coverages for individual municipalities containing tax parcel polygon data that I have converted to SDE feature classes without a hitch since 9.2. We are now for the first time attempting to get the associated annotation layers (acres, frontage, lot dimensions, lot numbers and subdivision #) imported to a GDB as well and I am running into a few stumbling blocks. The ultimate goal is to have one county-wide annotation feature class that has 5 subtypes. To simplify discussions I am going to just use ACRES as an example. I loop through each of the municipalities and import the individual coverage's ACRES annotation feature classes into a temporary File GDB, so I then have muni1_acres, muni2_acres, etc. I then loop through all of these temporary feature classes and use the arcpy.AppendAnnotation_management geoprocessing function to import them into a feature class we'll call County_Annotations. The County_Annotations feature class already has the 5 necessary subtypes (acres(0), frontage(1), lot dimensions(2), lot numbers(3) and subdivision #(4)), Annotation Classes and Annotation Symbol Collections to represent the various annotation classes I have defined. When I use the AppendAnnotation_management tool a new subtype, Annotation Class and Annotation Symbol Collection gets added to the feature class for each municipality that is appended. I am able to use update cursors to calculate the AnnotationID and SymbolID values to the proper values, then use the RemoveSubtype_management function to remove the unneeded subtypes, but I am left with unneeded Annotation Classes and Annotation Symbol Collections with no automated way of removing them. I can manually delete them from the Annotation Classes and Annotation tabs from within the feature class properties, but I want my script to do it. Anyone know how to get at these using Python/ArcGIS objects?