EDN code not running on server

Discussion created by meridian211 on Sep 28, 2010
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Not sure if this is correct forum, but here goes:

I've written several stand alone, windows applications (no ArcMap), VS 2008, C# programs that access EDN objects.  They run fine on my PC.  After we build the programs and copy the executable to our GIS server, the programs will not work.

We are using 9.3.1.  We have ArcGIS Edition Standard Enterprise loaded on the server.  We have also installed the ArcGIS Engine 9.3.1 Runtime on the server.  The programs check out a Engine or an EngineGeoDB license - have tried both.

When the programs try to create an object, such as:

public Geoprocessor pProcessor = new Geoprocessor();

the program fails.  Anytime we try to instantiate an ESRI object it fails, the program fails.  Error message is indescript.  ANY IDEAS?????