Mistake in computing FlowDirection in Tools or in ArcObjects !!!!!

Discussion created by matoretta on Sep 27, 2010
hi there is one mistake in Tool or in ArcObject fo computing FlowDirection... Look at this:

ArcObject Help :
forceFlowAtEdge controls the direction of flow at the edges of the surface raster
If the Boolean is set to True then the maximum drop on the inside of an edge cell if greater than zero, the flow direction will be determined as usual; otherwise, the flow direction will be toward the edge. Cells that should flow from the edge of the surface grid inward will do so.

If set to False, all cells at the edge of the surface surface will flow outward from the surface surface.

Tool Help: UnChecked checkBox ... the same as for "True" property in ArcObject
Checked checkBox ..the same as "False" property in ArcObject

so UnChecked(Tool) = True (ArcObject)
BUT THE RESULT IS REVERSE!!!   so now which one is correct the Tool or method in ArcObject????