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Android: VideoView and ImageView

Question asked by steelis2013 on Mar 26, 2015



I have just recently tried using the Android SDK.


I understand from the sample code that the use of PictureFillSymbol will allow me to place images onto the map as a polygon. However, when I try to use it in my project, the images will become smaller as I zoom in the map and becomes Tiled. May I know the way to disable such auto sizing and tiling?


I was previously working on Arcgis SDK for WPF and I've previously used the polygon to display a video. May I know if there is any View/Controls in SDK for Android that performs a similar function?


I have tried placing the Video in a CalloutPopupWindow instead (which is the current workaround for the Picture as well), but Android seems to be having a problem displaying the VideoView on the CalloutPopupWindow.


Thanks in advance