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Suggest API, "location" ignored when including "searchExtent"

Question asked by picciano on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by NFurness-esristaff

There are two optional parameters for the suggest API that we are trying to use. We set the “location” parameter to the user’s location so that nearby addresses get boosted in the suggestions. We also tried to set the “searchExtent” parameter to restrict the results to a bounding box, in our case a rectangle that roughly encompasses the United States.




This returns addresses with those suggestions closer to the user's location boosted, as expected.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.59.36 AM.png


However, when we try to restrict the results by adding a searchExtent parameter,,34…


Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.02.54 AM.png

However, once we set the “searchExtent”, the “location” parameter seems to be ignored and we end up with suggestions centered around Kansas, rather than the user's location set by the "location" parameter. Are we misinterpreting something here? Or are these two parameters mutually exclusive? Thanks!