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Fill 'No data' values and extract area of interest

Question asked by an2u13 on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by an2u13

Hi everybody!

I am dealing with the following problem: I have a dem of a maritime town. The dem has 'Nodata' points where the water is present (namely in the area of the port) but also some 'Nodata' points inside the city itself. What I want to do is fill the 'Nodata' values inside the city (that is my area of interest) and then extract the area of interest (basically I want a dem where the water is not present at all).


I tried with solutions suggested in this forum (for example with the Nibble tool or the Focal Statistics). The problem is:

1) the Nibble tool seems to work on the whole area, namely it operates also on the water. I would need a mask to extract the area of interest but if I try to create it from the previous dem, the mask has 'holes' (so holes will be present also in the final, extracted, raster).

2) Using the Focal statistics (Con(IsNull(‘DEM’), FocalStatistics(‘DEM’, NbrCircle(10, "CELL"), "MEAN"), ‘DEM’)) the boundaries of my dem are extended.


I hope I was clear otherwise I can provide some screenshots,

thank you in advance for your help,