Query on queried records

Discussion created by thaviti on Sep 26, 2010
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I have "CONNECTIONOBJECT" table with approximately 100,000 records and a tool that fires a select query as below.

Parent='FTL' and (AGUID = <some value> or BGUID = <some value>)

where <some value> is a string value and Parent, AGUID, BGUID  are field names.

The tool needs to fire the query many number of times but Parent='FTL' is common in all the queries.

Hence, in order to improve the performance, I am looking for an option to first select the records with Parent='FTL'  query and then execute other part of the queries on the already queried table or set of records.

It seems that combination of ITable.Select and ISelectionSet.Search methods might serve my purpose but do not know whether they really. Moreover, this fires a selection event in which I am not interested.

Thanks in advance.