infoWindow will only display in lower right

Discussion created by lorenmueller on Sep 24, 2010
My infoWindow dijit will only display itself in the lower right quadrant in relation to my click point.  With it open you can pan the map around and watch the info window try to relocate to one of the other three quadrants, but the window disapears, and all you can see is the little pointer triangle shifting around. But as soon as you pan back around so there is room for the window in the lower right it displays again.
I have tried all kinds of work-arounds to get this dijit to behave for me, but with no luck.
Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before?
I am currently using api v2.1, but this was happening at 2.0 and 1.6 as well.
Thanks for any ideas about why I might have this bug.