Sinuosity tools and automation

Discussion created by tickfaw on Sep 23, 2010
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Hello all. I'm hoping this thread can provide some answers to myself as well as others. My research focuses on sinuosity of rivers in various environments. I'm looking to be able to calculate sinuosity within a moving window to get regularly spaced calculations. I have many rivers and river miles to study, so any way to automate these calculations would be great, too. Here are two of the tools I've found so far:


1) Hawth's Analysis Tools provides a simple tool, but the it is only useful for single calculations of sinuosity over a given reach. This is a great tool but very limited. No moving window capability either.
Link: http://www.spatialecology.com/htools/linemetrics.php
(Analysis Tools - > Line Metrics -> Sinuosity)

2) Thomas Dilts' Stream Gradient and Sinuosity Toolbox seems to be the best tool(box) publicly available. It has a moving window option and a polygon option. Also gives the user the option to use "hardwired" or "regular" settings that deal with where the intermediate output files are written. Dilts also includes a 5-page tutorial in the form of a word document complete with pictures.
Link: http://arcscripts.esri.com/details.asp?dbid=16305

I've only be able to execute the "Discretize Gradient/Sinuosity Maps" tool so far, however. The other tools in the toolbox result in the dreaded "Invalid Tool: Unable to execute the selected tool" message. (I am using ArcMap 9.2, which the toolbox was designed in.)


If anyone has any additional sinuosity resources, please post them below and include a link and short description if you'd like.

Also, if anyone has any fixes for the Stream Gradient and Sinuosity Toolbox errors I've encountered, please share them with us all. (I have also emailed Dilts directly, so if he responds, I will post the response here.)