Geostatistical analysis?!? Polygon in polygon analysis!

Discussion created by covasnianu.adrian on Sep 23, 2010

I have a polygon including the territorial boundary of a state which is divided in multiple polygons. 
These multiple polygons are spatial  different. Some of them are overlapping, some are identical, some are extension of the first ones, etc.

The total polygon (country level) is divided into different polygons  (different SHP - county level of any other territorial division) which one overlaps with others (but not always).

These different polygons representing territorial division of some institutions and have a center city (in this case, a point feature).

I'm trying to analyze what is the common area  (how many times are overlapping), in percents of some polygons in order to see how many times are overlapping or are different.

My analysis focuses on the influence of the center (point feature) on the national scale  which subordinates regions.

I'm trying to analyse using ESRI ArcMap the possible influence of a city (and it's regional influence) on the national scale.

I'll try to analyze zonal statistics from ArcView as a start.

Any suggestion is useful!

The final representation should be like a cartogram (contain the city centers and their territorial influence - polygons - using graduated colors).