Resolution and categoricals

Discussion created by johardstaff on Sep 22, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I have landcover maps (with details in number and word format) which I've converted from 250m to 10,000m resolution (continental sizes). I have been told to use the landcover data from the 250m map to calculate the proportion of each land cover typer in eack 10,000 cell. This is where I am stuck and would really appreciate some help. I have tried to count different land cover calsses but ended up with the number of 10,000 cell for a particular landclassand not for each 250 cell within a 10,000 cell.

If I entered
count ([new_Map_10000],[old_map_250],label3)
would this calculated the number of different label 3 categories for each 250m cell in each 10000 cell?

Thank you,