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Data Interop authorized but not installed in 10.3 trial?

Question asked by chrisatkinson02 on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by chrisatkinson02

Hi, I'm trying to demo ArcMap 10.3 for my archery club so they can buy it...but Data Interop Extension is crucial for importing legacy GPX and KML data.


Have installed 10.3 trial.  ArcMap is working and Admin shows Data Interop is authorized but not installed. Researched and found out Interop is a separate install in a separate folder on the "the media" or iso image.  That all sounds fine, except the trial registration & account confirmation ends up here ArcGIS Free Trial | Learn ArcGIS and a download link that does not seem to include the Data Interop installation.


The Data Interop store page has a free trial link, but that loops back to the main 10.3 trial request process.


Hoping I just missed something easy/silly.  Any advice on getting 10.3 Data Interop installed in trial mode?


Thanks in advance.