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Accessing CodedValueDomain from FeatureType

Question asked by DevonTaig on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by DevonTaig

The coded value domains that I need to access are stored at the subtype level rather than the class level.  I'm unclear on how to gain access to these through the API.  I've successfully used AsyncTask, and in the PostExecute method, I get a FeatureResult back (the results of my query). Of course, the values I have for certain fields are coded (e.g. "W" means "Wood" and "S" means "Steel").  Unfortunately, I don't see how in the documentation to get at the subtypes (which I think are known as a FeatureType class), in order to get to the CodedValueDomains.  A more general question is how can I effectively use the documentation to discover the answer myself!